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Thread: CAM HELP? ugrent

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    CAM HELP? ugrent

    please help loaded latest firmware for my dragon cam removed card restarted my reciever then nothing checked the cam menu and it didnt even show anything it said no module so i tried my old blue ice cam and that registerd but if i put my dragon cam in the slot then put my loader card in it it lets me load the firmware the i am back to square one nothing can anyone help

    thanks in advance

    ps a bloke at a shop said he'd after take my cam apart and another shop said it needs resetting with the software confused please help

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    Re: CAM HELP? ugrent

    I am not 100 % but if i was you I would download the firmware and software again and then reload again. Sometimes it just does not load properly.
    There is frirmware etc on the predator section from about a week ago.

    good luck

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