Hey everyone,

I've been reading this forum all day today. I've tried everything on this entire forum. I've updated firmware,keys,tps.... everything. I even had the box lock up during a upgrade and had to reset it. Roughly about a week ago I bought a Satellite and receiver from what we call "Friend's Shop". Its located on a camp in Iraq. Every channel I pick up from every satellite is locked, says scrambled channel. I've updated keys and biss dcw keys.... I've tried 6969 I've tried manually 8280 8282 but I still get nothing.

I get one one channel that works out of a search of almost 600+ and its Russiatoday. I was told to work on either nilesat or hotbird. Our interps have one up but they couldn't figure it out on this one. I'm completely new to satellites but I'm not stupid. I've read and read but is there something i am missing? I don't understand... I've tried messing with Freqs and some other settings but I end up with nil.

I appreciate the help if any, I know everyone in my squad would too but there all worthless and dont know anything about any lol. All our cares are about American football season that is about to start but even some movie channels are always welcomed =) I didn't spend 200 for this for nothing. Thanks again.