UPC Ireland in Digiweb triple play trial

UPC Ireland and telco Digiweb are to launch a joint marketing campaign in North County Dublin offering subscribers a bundled package of TV, telephony and broadband internet. The pilot scheme will cost subscribers a monthly €49.95.
The plan came together at a broadband conference in July where both parties were keen to promote leveraged infrastructure investments.

Robert Dunn, CEO of UPC Ireland said that promoting new solutions to support next generation high-bandwidth services for the digital generation of consumers is key is creating Ireland’s knowledge based economy.

“UPC is delivering digital TV as part of the pack. We have included our new digital value pack that includes 41 TV channels plus over 30 radio channels. As we continue to convert more customers to Digital TV, this pilot will act as a further catalyst to broaden the adoption of digital services using solutions provided by both parties to make it simple and easy to make the switch.”