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    Question Anyone bought from

    Firsly, hello to everyone, Im a new memeber to these invalubile forums, however I've learnt most of my stuff from reading your posts and I have to say the dreambox 500 is fantastic piece of kit:)

    Now I bought my box from ebay, but now Im looking to buy some more from my family and friends. I have read about and would like to know some feedback on them? Has anyone bought form them before, was the kit good quality and service? At 39 a box its the cheapest I have seen or is there other places cheaper?

    Once again thanks for all the help and I hope to become a helpful memeber of the dreambox section.

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    Re: Anyone bought from

    It`s cheap untill you add p & p mate


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    Re: Anyone bought from

    Yes, seems to be rather cheap, but the transport costs are immense...

    And its all clones you get, so, no Gemini and watch out for corrupted images or CVS.

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    Re: Anyone bought from

    I've been using Gemini 4.40 No Timebomb for weeks on my clone.

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