i am not an amature at this, i am just new on doing this on this box.
i have converted may midea box to a echolite 790.
i have downloaded sat. 110w and 119w channels and receive the free channels fine.
i know to do -menu- then - 8888- and I THINK i still use NAG2.and a 00 and 01 colum, BUT, what name do i use and what is the provider for dishnet.
i really could use help on a step by step process for the manual entry for the keys.
ALSO ------
WHAT DO I USE FOR UPDATE OF NEW BINS WITH KEYS, again i am converting the box and i am not exatly sure of what i should be useing to update bin/key. even help on some sight forums in english on this box..
again, i really could use some help.
thanks as always