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Jungle 2 Jungle (PG) 1997 Tim Allen stars as a businessman who ventures deep into the Amazon jungle to ask his estranged doctor wife for a divorce, only to discover he has a Tarzan-like teenage son setting the scene for much zany fish-out-of-water hilarity as the new-found relatives get to know each other. Comedy, with Lolita Davidovich, Martin Short and JoBeth Williams

The Lady Vanishes (PG) 1979 A traveller befriends an elderly lady during a train journey, but she suddenly disappears, and he embarks on a search for her. However, the other passengers deny ever seeing the missing woman leading to suspicions that a conspiracy is afoot. Glossy remake of Hitchcock's classic 1938 mystery, starring Elliott Gould, Cybill Shepherd, Herbert Lom, Arthur Lowe and Ian Carmichael (888)

Del Toro on Hellboy II Director Guillermo del Toro discusses making the sequel to his comic book adventure

The Wind and the Lion (PG) 1975 American mother Candice Bergen and her son are seized by Moroccan chieftain Sean Connery, sparking an international incident. While leaders work on a plan to ensure their safe return, the matriarch begins to understand the motives for her abductor's actions. Period adventure, with Brian Keith and John Huston (888)

The Honeymooners (PG) 2005 Reworking of the Fifties American sitcom, with Cedric the Entertainer taking on the role of scheming New York bus driver Ralph Kramden, originally played by Jackie Gleason. Ralph's latest get-rich-quick plan leaves him and his wife penniless and forces him to come up with an even zanier scheme to put things right. Mike Epps co-stars as manic sidekick Ed, while Gabrielle Union and Regina Hall play their long-suffering wives

Walk the Line (12) 2005 Biopic of country singer Johnny Cash, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the man in black. Traumatised by the death of his brother as a child, the singer goes from the air force to touring the US alongside Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. But with fame and fortune comes a descent into drink and drugs. Reese Witherspoon gives an Oscar-winning performance as Cash's future wife June Carter, seemingly the only thing between him and self-destruction (888)

Vault of Horror (18) 1973 Five individuals trapped together in the basement of a skyscraper pass the time by recounting their worst nightmares. Macabre horror compendium, starring Daniel Massey, Denholm Elliott, Tom Baker, Anna Massey and Terry-Thomas

Deathwatch (15) 2002 A group of World War One soldiers become lost in No Man's Land, and set up camp in a seemingly deserted trench but as strange things start happening, they realise it's haunted by an evil supernatural force. Horror, starring Jamie Bell, Hugo Speer, Matthew Rhys, Andy Serkis and Laurence Fox

3.00am Frightfest 2008: The New Blood Interviews with the British directors whose movies are showing at the annual horror film festival in London

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