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The Wind and the Lion (PG) 1975 American mother Candice Bergen and her son are seized by Moroccan chieftain Sean Connery, sparking an international incident. While leaders work on a plan to ensure their safe return, the matriarch begins to understand the motives for her abductor's actions. Period adventure, with Brian Keith and John Huston (888)

Move Over, Darling (U) 1963 One wife is more than enough for most men, so imagine James Garner's shock when he finds he's somehow ended up with two. Doris Day plays spouse number one, who returns home to America after five years marooned on a desert island only to find her beloved hubby has not only given her up for dead, but also married the alluring Polly Bergen, and is enjoying a romantic honeymoon with her. Charming remake of vintage comedy My Favourite Wife (888)

Winchester '73 (U) 1950 A laconic James Stewart stars as a crack shot who wins a much-coveted, top-of-the-range rifle in a contest but his success leads him into conflict when a jealous rival steals the weapon, sparking a taut chase across the desert. Intelligent Western, with Shelley Winters, Dan Duryea and Stephen McNally. Directed by acclaimed film-maker Anthony Mann, who went on to make several movies with Stewart, and featuring early appearances by Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis (888)

Memoirs of an Invisible Man (PG) 1992 Chevy Chase stars as a successful but bored stockbroker whose life gets a much-needed injection of excitement when he's rendered invisible. But he's soon forced to go on the run from devious CIA agents, led by Sam Neill, who are determined to use him for nefarious purposes. Rapid-fire comedy spy thriller directed by John Carpenter, co-starring Daryl Hannah, Michael McKean and Stephen Tobolowsky (888)

Batman (15) 1989 Michael Keaton stars as the caped crusader in this dark, brooding adaptation of the popular comic-book series, which sees the masked avenger risking life and limb to smash crazed villain the Joker's crime empire while simultaneously trying to pluck up the courage to confess his true identity to glamorous reporter Kim Basinger. Tim Burton's thriller, with Jack Nicholson perfect cast as the arch-criminal

City of God (18) 2003 Affecting Brazilian drama chronicling the everyday lives of a group of youngsters living in a violent and lawless Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood. Seen through the eyes of an aspiring photographer, who decides against following his peers into a life of crime, the action is both captivating and shocking as drugs and gun crime affect adults and children alike. Starring Alexandre Rodrigues and Matheus Nachtergaele

LOL (12) 2006 Comedy drama, following the lives of three men whose fixation with technology threatens to ruin their relationships in the real world. A computer obsessive's girlfriend despairs of getting him to switch his laptop off, a musician becomes infatuated with a woman he meets online, unaware a female friend is in love with him, and a couple in a long distance relationship find communicating by phone no substitute for actual contact. Directed by and starring Joe Swanberg

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