Film1 adds new action channel

Chellomedia is introducing a new Film1 premium channel on the Dutch market called Film1 Action. At the same time, the monthly subscription fee on UPC networks will be increased by 2 to 14.95. This week, the new Film1 VOD service will also be operational.

Film1 Action will launch on October 1 and supplement the three premium channels Film 1, Film1.2 and Film1.3. There is also Film1 + 1. The action channel will, as the name implies, concentrate on action movies.

Coinciding with the launch of the new live football channel Eredivisie Live, UPC has also adjusted subscription prices for its Sport1 premium channels. The two Sport1 and Sport2 channels will now cost 9.95 a month, a price decrease of 3.00; a combination of the Chellomedia and Erdivisie sports channels will cost 14.95.