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    Setting editor

    Hi all

    I' m Italian and may be some of you use the settings editor I've developed during last years : Now I would like to wrote a tool for GI Xpeed series and I'm looking for someone who know data structure, protocol and compression algoritm used in the settings file.
    In italian forum someone says me that this is one of the best forum for Gi

    Any help will be welcome

    Thanksa lot

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    Re: Setting editor

    Yes i m working also

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    Re: Setting editor

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    Questi setting sono realizzati personalmente da MrPiero !!!
    Quindi si prega di non rinominare le liste e spacciarle per proprie.
    Grazie per la gentile collaborazione.
    Liste canali con la suddivisione per Bouquet.
    Thanks GIO®GIO Team
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    Realizzata da MrPiero 08/08/08

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