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Harriet Craig 1950 Joan Crawford stars as a selfish, meticulous housewife who cares far more about her house and possessions than she does about the people in her life including her husband, whom she routinely deceives and manipulates. However, her meddling in her cousin's love life has disastrous consequences. Also starring Wendell Corey and Allyn Joslyn

Conspiracy of Hearts (U) 1960 A group of courageous Italian nuns risk everything during World War Two. Deciding they can't stand by and do nothing, they begin smuggling Jewish children out of a German internment camp, and transporting them to safety. But Nazi troops soon look set to discover their dangerous secret. Taut and poignant wartime drama, bolstered by a top-drawer cast including Lilli Palmer, Sylvia Syms, Yvonne Mitchell, Ronald Lewis and Albert Lieven (888)

The Man from Colorado (PG) 1948 Glenn Ford plays an American Civil War veteran, twisted by his experiences during the conflict, who becomes the judge of a small town. He embarks on a reign of terror, ruthlessly misusing his power, and it falls to an old friend from his army days to bring him down. Western, also starring William Holden, Ellen Drew and Ray Collins (888)

Carry On Behind (PG) 1975 Comedy about an archaeological dig, carried out by a pair of professors, which is disrupted by the saucy shenanigans and naughtiness of a motley bunch of holiday-makers in the neighbouring caravan park. This entry in the long-running series stars Kenneth Williams, Elke Sommer, Joan Sims, Windsor Davies, Kenneth Connor and Bernard Bresslaw (888)

Blade: Trinity (15) 2004 Wesley Snipes reprises his role as the vampire-slaying Daywalker for this second grisly sequel. This time, he finds himself in the frame for a series of killings, forcing him to join two fellow bloodsucker-bashers to get to the bottom of things. However, the trio have their hands full when the trail leads to the daddy of all neck-nibblers Dracula. Horror, co-starring Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson (888)

Trainspotting (18) 1996 Ground-breaking, influential and darkly humorous drama, following the bleak existence of a gang of Edinburgh junkies, focusing on one member's make-or-break attempt to escape an endless spiral of violence and self-destruction. Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd and Kelly Macdonald star. Adapted from the novel by Irvine Welsh and reuniting director Danny Boyle, producer Andrew Macdonald and writer John Hodge after the unexpected success of their 1994 offering Shallow Grave (888)

Ride with the Devil (15) 1999 A band of brave Confederate soldiers struggle to survive a series of bloody raids on Union troops, but the rigours of battle and the freezing winter threaten their hopes for the future, forcing them to seek shelter in a barn. As their hunger for battle fades, they reconsider the wisdom of continuing in the face of overwhelming odds. Haunting American Civil War drama from acclaimed director Ang Lee, starring Tobey Maguire, Skeet Ulrich and Jewel (888)

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