Still early for Spanish pay DTT

Pay DTT in Spain has received a tentative “yes”, but under consensus and without urgency, a message deliveres by Spain's Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce Miguel Sebastián.

For Sebastián it is still "early" for the Spanish government to regulate pay TV services on DTT because he said "it's necessary for a consensus among all the companies of this sector". However, he considers this movement towards pay DTT will happen during the next year.

This seems to mean that there will not be pay DTT under government decree and for the convenience of any commercial group.

This statement joins the one from Spain’s vice-president María Teresa Fernández de la Vega who at the beginning of August declared the government hasn't foreseen pay on DTT.

On his side Jaume Roures, Mediapro’s president said his company would still launch a pay DTT channel before the end of this summer, adding that if the government doesn't approve the law Spain's audiovisual field will go through a crisis.