AVS asks Mediapro for EUR200m

Audiovisual Sport, (AVS) the sporting rights company belonging to Sogecable which owns the first soccer rights of the Spanish League claims laSexta's Mediapro owes it €200 million.

AVS denounced Mediapro for not fulfilling the conditions of the contract from last July 24 for the exploitation of soccer rights, fundamentally due to the lack of payment and also for not giving the club's contracts as this contract estipulated.

Further, AVS has alleged that the producer "has no right over the soccer clubs for the present season neither it can commercialize the matches in the clear, their summaries or the international sales," a press release from Audiovisual Sport said.

All along last season Mediapro produced the matches in the clear and broadcast them on new national private channel laSexta "thanks to the collaboration of certain clubs and, fundamentally, of the Football League. Those fixed the timetables and the way of broadcasting the matches in a unilateral way, always favouring Mediapro-laSexta's interests and at the same time going against AVS," the release continues.

Finally and according to AVS, for this season, Mediapro's management gathered some days before the beginning of the first day of the season with some managers of the so-called G-30 (the best soccer clubs) "in order to manipulate and tell false comments in order to demand them to enter in the stadiums for guaranteeing the production of the signal of these matches for its international sales without even paying a single Euro for these rights," the press release concludes.