December DTT debut for Hungary

Hungary will launch a DTT service this December, following an agreement signed by the National Communications Authority (NHH) and national transmission company Antenna Hungária this Friday (September 5).

Antenna Hungária was awarded a licence to operate one radio and five TV multiplexes this summer for a period of 12 years.

It is now expected to launch a service known as MinDigTV on three of the TV multiplexes, one of which will also have frequencies allocated for mobile TV, in December and start using the other two TV multiplexes following ASO at the end of 2011.

The radio multiplex will also make its debut at the end of the year. MinDigTV will initially cover 60% of the country, with most of the channels it carries made available free of charge.

It will eventually reach 96%, targeting the 20-25% of TV households that currently receive only analogue terrestrial services.