Hamilton happy in the rain

Brit unconcerned after clocking third fastest practice time

Lewis Hamilton is unconcerned about the prospect of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix being hit by wet weather.
The McLaren star has conquered the wet on the last three occasions an F1 race has been run under such conditions.
The 23-year-old won last year's Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji where a monsoon deluged the track, prior to victories this year in the damp at Monaco and heavy rain at Silverstone.

Friday's two practice sessions at Spa were conducted under leaden skies, with the second 90-minute run hit by a light shower which arguably accounted for Kimi Raikkonen's spin into a barrier.
Then, just five minutes after the session had concluded, the heavens opened as GP2 qualifying began, making driving treacherous.
After setting the third fastest practice time, the Brit said: "It would be nice if it is dry.
"This track is a great challenge in the dry, but in the wet it will be so tricky for everyone, as the GP2 guys have today found out.


"Driving in the wet compared to the dry, it's like night and day. There's a huge difference.
"When it's dry you can push, use the curves and every bit of the grass, but in the wet you have no grip.
"If you touch a white line or a kerb then you are going to crash.
"It's very tricky just to know where the puddles are, you can have aqua-planing.
"The second you step out of the braking zone and you are a fraction late, then you will go straight.

"Today it was raining in some parts more than others and that made it a little bit tricky.
"If it is wet, I'll look forward to it. We were strong in Monaco and Silverstone, so I don't mind."
Title rivals Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen, currently six and 13 points adrift respectively in the title race, were quicker than Hamilton in practice but he is unconcerned by that.

"I feel comfortable in the car and I think we are going to be strong," he added.
"We're going for the win. We're just as competitive as them. We're pretty much equal with them.

More speed

"They have a bit more speed at the end of the straight, but I don't think it will make any difference.
"Overall, I feel very happy with the balance and package we have this weekend.
"We're definitely a lot more competitive than we were here last year. We just have to keep pushing hard to get out in front."