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Thread: Help for cardless receivers

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    Question Help for cardless receivers

    Dear Friends,
    Please let us know how to watch s** on Channels & all other Channels
    with cardless receiver.

    How & under which encription system to enter the keys, and procedure
    do it. Also where to get the requird keys.

    Thanks lot for any answer in this regard.


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    Re: Help for cardless receivers

    hi rikky.

    to get an encrypted channel requires

    a reciever sometimes listed as FTA where within is a "patch"for one or more providers.
    a cam that slots into a reciever ,CI slot.that is patched on computer,or by wirless which requires a combination, transmitter recever,but works otherwise as any cam.
    a reciever that is patchable ,usually updated using "null " cable and the required file in the form of a "bin",or updated manualy using remote control.
    a reciever fitted into, or connected via cables to a computer ,for the purpose of sharing a card in a remote location.

    the above methods often accept a card that is programed on the computerto gain access.

    and possibly more methods that i hav,nt mentioned.

    the choice is one of convenience and depth of pocket.

    of course you could also subscribe to a provider and obtain a ligitimate card.

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    Re: Help for cardless receivers

    Dear Revird,
    Thanks lot for the quick response.

    Actually I wanted to know about the "SAMSON SS1" receiver.
    It is cardless but as you said it is FTA & patch can be upload.

    But I do not know where to find patch for this receiver. How can I find
    out which receivers patch is equal to Samsom receiver if samson patch
    is not available in this upload center.

    I have entered manually the keys for "RAI & CYFRA" & enjoy them
    But for Dcw (for S** Channels) I do not know where to enter &
    How to find provider & Ident

    If you can give some information about above mentioned quaries
    will be appriciated.

    Thanks in advance
    Have a nice day

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    Re: Help for cardless receivers

    You'll Find SAMSON Firm & Tools + Guide link below, enjoy!

    Firmware go here:

    Guide here:

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    Re: Help for cardless receivers

    I have an Axil AD600 FTA receiver. It has a menu to programme the keys manually.Ihave done this (took me hours) DONT WORK. Can this be done using the RS 232 socket and IF,HOW. What do i need and how do i do it. Any assistance would be appreciated , i am new to this. Please note the AXIL is a cardless and camless receiver. Many thanks. bob robinson.

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