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Thread: GoldenOSD 2.43 For AltDVB

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    GoldenOSD 2.43 For AltDVB

    Golden OSD 2.43

    Add new hot key to restart ALT-DVB in order to avoid the 'Error in DVBEngine_Free '.

    Minor update for renumbering mode.

    Minor fix for time zone.
    *Copy altloader.exe where aldvb.exe existes

    *If Picture stops ,don't do any action, just press the restart hotkey.

    *If the 'Error in DVBEngine_Free ' is raised while restarting ,wait for about 2 to 5 sec ;it will disappear and altdvb will restart again.

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    Re: GoldenOSD 2.43 For AltDVB

    thanks for your effort-
    i will try it .

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    Re: GoldenOSD 2.43 For AltDVB

    Golden-OSD 2.48 for ALTDVB

    What is new?

    - New snapshot by remote, with option to save as bmp or jpeg (vmr9 only).
    - Add new option for EPG (for altdvb parser).
    - Fixed volume indicator flickering.
    * please delete old GoldenOSD.ini.

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