New Spanish soccer channel

Spanish producer Mediapro will launch its new pay-TV sports channel this month. The new channel will be named Gol TV and will broadcast international soccer matches, although its management has not dismissed also offering the Spanish Football League.

The company has begun offering the service to pay-TV operators with the idea to directly compete against Sogecable's satellite pay TV operator Digital+. The commercialisation of the channel will be based on the exploitation of the soccer rights of the international leagues Mediapro has such as the Italian, German, French and Dutch ones.

Nevertheless Mediapro has not determined under which conditions the channel will be offered given the law gap dominating the audiovisual exploitation of the soccer rights with those rights of the clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid divided between Mediapro and Audiovisual Sport the sporting rights company of Sogecable.

In reality this project is rather for the season 2009-2010 than for the present one but Mediapro's directors want to offer as much content as possible to start recouping the huge amounts of money invested in the project.

The problem comes from the 'war' over soccer between Sogecable and Mediapro: each company claims it owns the rights of the Spanish league both free-to-air and pay-TV models. But one thing is sure: neither of them has all the rights and it's sure the judges will have to finally decide.