Digital TV growing in Switzerland

Almost a quarter (22 per cent) of Swiss television households, corresponding to almost 700,000 homes, have so far switched to digital television, according to a survey conducted by market research institute Demoscope on behalf of cable association Swisscable.

Digitalisation has grown in Switzerland by six per cent compared with 2007, following an increase of just three per cent in 2006. However, compared with neighbouring countries, digital penetration in Switzerland is still limited. In France, 48% of TV households receive digital television while in Germany the figure is 47% and 45% in Italy.

Seventeen per cent of those surveyed signalled their intention to switch to digital television within the next 12 months. Twenty per cent want to digitalise in two to three years and 19% at an even later date. Twenty-eight per cent said they did not want to ever make the change as they were satisfied with the analogue offer.

The main reasons cited for the switch to digital television was the significantly increased channel offer (37%), better picture and sound quality (22% and seven per cent) and the possibility to individualise viewing preferences (eight per cent).