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Conspiracy of Hearts (U) 1960 A group of courageous Italian nuns risk everything during World War Two. Deciding they can't stand by and do nothing, they begin smuggling Jewish children out of a German internment camp, and transporting them to safety. But Nazi troops soon look set to discover their dangerous secret. Taut and poignant wartime drama, bolstered by a top-drawer cast including Lilli Palmer, Sylvia Syms, Yvonne Mitchell, Ronald Lewis and Albert Lieven (888)

Brief Encounter (PG) 1945 David Lean's classic romantic drama, telling the story of a suburban housewife who finds herself falling in love with a married doctor she meets by chance at a railway station. Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard are superb, underplaying the star-crossed pair to perfection in a timeless tale that still retains the power to enchant. Stanley Holloway, Cyril Raymond and Valentine Dyall also star (888)

Joe Wright on David Lean The director of Atonement discusses the influence the legendary film-maker has had on his work

The Passionate Friends (U) 1949 A well-to-do woman marries an older man, but later embarks on an affair. She is left with the challenge of finding a way to live happily ever after without breaking someone's heart. Melodrama, starring Ann Todd, Trevor Howard, Claude Rains and Betty Ann Davies. Directed by David Lean

The First Wives Club (PG) 1996 Polished comedy, starring Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton as middle-aged women dumped by their husbands in favour of younger girls, prompting them to plot humiliating forms of revenge. Maggie Smith, Dan Hedaya, Bronson Pinchot and Elizabeth Berkley also star

Blade: Trinity (15) 2004 Wesley Snipes reprises his role as the vampire-slaying Daywalker for this second grisly sequel. This time, he finds himself in the frame for a series of killings, forcing him to join two fellow bloodsucker-bashers to get to the bottom of things. However, the trio have their hands full when the trail leads to the daddy of all neck-nibblers Dracula. Horror, co-starring Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson (888)

Three Days of the Condor (12) 1975 A bookish CIA researcher returns to his field office to find all his colleagues have been murdered in his absence. When he attempts to discover the truth, he also ends up targeted for assassination by his own agency, and must go on the run to discover the reasons why. Nerve-jangling suspense thriller that'll keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway and Cliff Robertson star. Directed by Sydney Pollack

The Woodlanders (U) 1997 Sawmill owner's daughter Emily Woof is forced to marry a wealthy doctor despite her love for a humble woodsman. Former documentary-maker Phil Agland turned his hand to fiction for this adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel. With Rufus Sewell and Cal MacAninch (888)

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