Belgacom TV expands to 14 HD channels

The Belgian IPTV provider Belgacom TV will expand its bouquet of HD channels to 14 with the addition of VTM HD this Wednesday (September 10). The operator also offers a number of HD on-demand titles.

The 14 channel HD line-up includes the initial bouquet of seven channels launched on April 14, namely Discovery HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, Exqi, HD1, History HD, Melody Zen and Luxe TV HD. The six other channels are Belgacom 11 (three football matches per week in HD), VRT één, Eurosport HD, National Geographic HD, TF1 HD and France 2 HD.

At the moment, 60% of all Belgacom TV customers are able to view HD channels. The HD IPTV receiver has in fact become a standard model for all customers.

The rental of all decoders costs €6 per month, and they can also be purchased for €199 each. As in introductory offer, all the channels in the HD package can be viewed free of charge until November 19.

Belgacom TV now has 70 HD titles available on-demand at a price of €5.50 per request.