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The Girl Can't Help It (U) 1956 Rock 'n' roll comedy, with musical performances by Fats Domino, Little Richard, Gene Vincent, The Platters and Julie London dominating the plot about a theatrical agent's attempts to propel a gangster's girlfriend to stardom. Jayne Mansfield and Tom Ewell star

Blithe Spirit (U) 1945 Novelist Rex Harrison is shocked to find the ghost of his first wife haunting him and his new spouse, and sets out to find a way of getting rid of the annoying apparition. He employs the services of a local clairvoyant in an attempt to drive the ghoul away but her methods seem doomed to failure. David Lean's excellent adaptation of Noel Coward's splendid supernatural comedy, also starring Kay Hammond and Margaret Rutherford on hilarious form as the eccentric medium. Coward himself provides the narration (888)

Joe Wright on David Lean The director of Atonement discusses the influence the legendary film-maker has had on his work

Madeleine (U) 1950 Mystery drama set in 19th-century Glasgow, starring Ann Todd as a wealthy woman accused of murdering her lover to prevent their affair coming to the attention of her husband. With Leslie Banks, Elizabeth Sellars and Ivor Barnard

The Honeymooners (PG) 2005 Reworking of the Fifties American sitcom, with Cedric the Entertainer taking on the role of scheming New York bus driver Ralph Kramden, originally played by Jackie Gleason. Ralph's latest get-rich-quick plan leaves him and his wife penniless and forces him to come up with an even zanier scheme to put things right. Mike Epps co-stars as manic sidekick Ed, while Gabrielle Union and Regina Hall play their long-suffering wives

Sahara (12) 2005 An adventurer sets out on a quest to locate a cache of treasure believed lost in the desert. Along the way, he teams up with a tenacious doctor, whose battle to stop the spread of a deadly disease may be linked to his own mission. All-action escapade, starring Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz and Steve Zahn (888)

Straightheads (18) 2007 Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer star in Dan Reed's violent British thriller as a middle-class woman and her younger electrician lover who are brutally assaulted by a gang of thugs. In an attempt to erase the emotional scars left by the unexpected attack, the pair hatch a plan for revenge. Antony Byrne and Anthony Calf also star

Little Otik (15) 2000 Acclaimed fantastical Czech fairy-tale horror, chronicling the misadventures of a childless couple who attempt to create a baby using magic and soon regret their actions when their offspring develops a taste for human flesh. Jan Svankmajer's incredible mix of live action and animation stars Jan Hartl and Veronika Zilkova

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