Hi people can i get some help with this cam
not sure if this is done on this site and if not i will apologise before hand (sorry)

I have just received it in the last couple of days with a red-light card
(Diablo Cam)

I have a cass 3+ programmer

I have no problem programming it etc

But i think where a fall over is what needs to go where and what current file are working etc,

I need to be spoon fed at this point I am affraid just need to get my confidance on this one and go from there,

I have done quite well up to now only having my DM7020 for about two months setup motorised dish have 5 sats working got premiere to work with Darkstar skin so quite pleased but its so addictive, and therefour this is my next quest,

That is if you think i am going in the right direction if not then please say so i will follow your lead....

Many thanks Portersat