Raikonnen - Rules are rules

Ferrari racer has no sympathy for Hamilton

Kimi Raikkonen has made it clear Championship rival Lewis Hamilton was well aware of the rules before he executed his corner-cutting manoeuvre at the Belgium Grand Prix.
The Finn has attempted to steer clear of the debate that has raged since Hamilton was stripped of top spot at Spa-Francorchamps, even though he was at the heart of the incident.

The controversial decision by the stewards, which has been appealed by McLaren, means Hamilton goes into Sunday's Italian race at historic Monza holding a slender two-point lead over Felipe Massa.
Although refusing to back the stewards, Ferrari star Raikkonen said: "There are rules, people know about them.

"I'm not the guy who makes the decisions. Action is taken if you do something wrong, and that was the decision this time.
"Sometimes it's hard to say whether something is right or wrong, and I don't want to get involved in that.


"Definitely people have different views of the whole thing, some like it, some don't, but that's life."
Much has been made of the fact Hamilton swiftly passed Raikkonen at the La Source hairpin moments after correctly handing him back the lead in the wake of gaining his advantage.

Raikkonen's early braking was clearly a contributory factor to which Hamilton pointedly remarked: "That's the way he drives.
"If you don't have the balls to brake late, that's your problem."
When asked about Hamilton's comment, Raikkonen replied: "Everybody has their own opinions, but it's not about the thing that happened in the first corner.
"It's more about whether you cut the last chicane and you get an advantage or not.


"If there had been a concrete wall he (Hamilton) would not have been there in the first place. Maybe that's what he thinks. But I don't mind what other people think.
"It's down to whether he gained an advantage or not, and it's down to the people who make the decisions."
It was a mistake of Raikkonen's own making, however, that saw him slide off and into a wall on the penultimate lap.

Heading to Monza with five races remaining, Raikkonen's chances of retaining his title are slim, with many feeling Ferrari should now back Massa's cause.
But a defiant Raikkonen countered: "As long as I have a chance and I am in the points I will keep trying. If I don't have any chance then it is a different story.
"But I don't see it is up to me. We will both race as hard as we can and see what happens at the end of the season."