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Bugsy Malone
1976 Director Alan Parker's much-loved slapstick musical spoof, featuring a cast composed entirely of children and following a war between rival gangsters in Twenties New York — fought with custard pies and cream-firing tommy guns. When a slick mobster acquires devastating new weapons, his arch rival enlists the aid of a small-time chancer to steal them. Starring Scott Baio, Florrie Dugger and John Cassisi, with Jodie Foster on fine form in an acclaimed early appearance

Time Lock
1957 Suspense thriller about a boy who manages to get himself locked in a bank vault. With 63 hours before the device opens, the authorities are left facing a race against time to free the lad before he runs out of air and suffers a horrible end. Starring Robert Beatty, Betty McDowall, Vincent Winter, Lee Patterson and a young Sean Connery in an early role

Joe Wright on David Lean The director of Atonement discusses the influence the legendary film-maker has had on his work

Oliver Twist
1948 David Lean's superb adaptation of Dickens' classic novel about a runaway orphan who becomes involved with a dangerous gang of backstreet thieves and pickpockets — and ends up in peril after a wealthy man attempts to save him from a life with the crooks. As well as young John Howard Davies' appealing turn as the eponymous hero, the cast also features Alec Guinness giving a marvellous turn as Fagin, with a youthful Anthony Newley as the Artful Dodger and Robert Newton playing bad-to-the-bone Bill Sikes with aplomb. Kay Walsh and Ralph Truman also star

Mighty Joe Young
1998 A gentle giant gorilla is moved from his jungle home to Los Angeles, where he escapes from a wildlife reserve and runs amok in the city, leaving a group of concerned human pals facing a race against time to save him from harm. Adventure which is good fun for all the family, starring Bill Paxton, Charlize Theron, Rade Sherbedgia and Regina King

Brokeback Mountain
2005 Ang Lee's haunting, Oscar-winning drama, telling the tale of a doomed love affair between two Wyoming cowboys. The pair's relationship begins while herding sheep in the 1960s, and while they initially go their separate ways and both marry, they are continually drawn to each other over the next 20 years — a fact they are forced to keep a secret. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal give first-rate performances alongside Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway

KM 31 2005 A woman telepathically senses when her identical twin sister is run over on a lonely stretch of road and rushes off to the rescue. But she discovers the scene of the accident is a place where the real world overlaps with the spirit world, and that her sister is caught between the two. Mexican horror, starring Iliana Fox in a dual role alongside Adria Collado and Raul Mendez

The Final Cut
2004 Premiere. Sci-fi thriller, set in a future where people have microchips implanted in their brains to record their every memory. A man employed to edit the contents of dead people's chips into a “highlights reel” for their family finds a connection between his latest subject and his own troubled past. But a militant group also want the footage for their own reasons. Starring Robin Williams and Mira Sorvino

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