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Thread: tp*s.hnf how?

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    tp*s.hnf how?

    someone can tell me how i can make-run my hummy with the sending of the file.hnf (T*P*S*).
    There are some particular setting that make ok the operation?
    Because my hummy still remain black on france channels!

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    Re: tp*s.hnf how?

    mate not tps hnf , tps hdf file for humax , dont use tps hdf file it will not clear tps channels. try to use sbcl/plugin+wsp prog.with latest tps bin 64kb

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    Re: tp*s.hnf how?

    i've just tried sblc + vplug,and it works,but need the cable and the pc near the decoder,is not very easy.
    Someone know if the aothr method works?

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