Satellite a Big Part of Google's Arsenal

Google continued on its march toward world domination this week.

And the internet giant adopted satellite as part of its platform.

The company created waves around the world when news surfaced that it was (along with Liberty Media) an investor in O3b, a start-up that promises to deliver satellite-based broadband services to developing parts of the globe. O3b (the acronym stands for "the other 3 billion," referring to the developing world population without broadband access) said it has started construction of a 16-satellite constellation that will be aimed at emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

The offering is set to debut in 2010.

Google's role with O3b was promoted as a desire by the internet company and others to connect with populations that don't have access to wired broadband. Nonetheless, Google's involvement with the developing platform gave satellite broadband promoters another boost. The company's investment was yet another validation of satellite broadband as the best last-mile solution for deployment of speedy internet services to unserved and underserved communities.

The other news from Google involved its television advertising efforts.

Both Google and NBCU unveiled a strategic multi-year advertising, research and technology partnership on Monday. The companies said they would work together to develop advertising metrics, attract non-traditional advertising partners to NBCU properties and incorporate self-service buying opportunities through the Google TV Ads service.

In addition, NBCU and Google said they would collaborate on a series of custom marketing and research projects using the Google TV Ads platform.

The push could involve DISH Network.

Google started its TV advertising endeavors with DISH as its first partner. Through the effort, the Google TV Ads platform can report second-by-second set top box data, allowing advertisers to precisely measure viewership of ads.

What does this all say about satellite? It's a banner day for the business when a company that has the size and influence like Google adopts different parts of the industry's platform and technology.