Vettel - I'm no Schumacher

Italian GP victor plays down comparisons to former world champion

Italian Grand Prix victor Sebastian Vettel has been quick to downplay claims that he is Formula One's next Michael Schumacher.
The Toro Rosso driver became F1's youngest race winner when he took the chequered flag at Monza on Sunday afternoon.
And standing on the podium the resemblance to the Michael Schumacher era in the sport was uncanny as the Italian nation anthem rang out moments after the German one had played in much the same way as it did for years when Schumacher was winning for Ferrari.

However, Vettel, dubbed the German media as 'Baby Schumi' was quick to deny that he's the next Schumacher.
"To compare me with Michael Schumacher is just a bit ridiculous," he said. "I know him well and he's a very nice guy who is very down-to-earth.


"It will be difficult in normal conditions for us to repeat this achievement, so I will not be going to Singapore thinking that I am a superstar or expecting to win again, because that's just not going to happen."
Schumacher, though, reckons Vettel could follow in his footsteps and become Germany's next F1 world champion.

"He has the potential to be world champion but it's a long and rocky road," the seven-time world champion told The Guardian.
"I was crossing my fingers the car would keep going and he would bring it home. In the end, what he did today was absolutely first-class.
"To make no mistakes in these conditions and dominate the race from the start, and in a car that is not the fastest, shows he is an extremely strong driver in heavy rain."