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Thread: confused !!!!!!!!!!

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    confused !!!!!!!!!!

    I currently live in spain and have an echolink reciever that picks up astra and hotbird satellites.I want to watch english prem footy and currently get a channel called premiere at the moment without the needfor a card and no encryption,but how do i watch other channels that are there a way round this or should I not be able to recieve premiere either and the guy who installed it done something he shouldnt have.can someone point me in the right direction please.thanks in advance

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    Re: confused !!!!!!!!!!

    hi m8 ,can only guess ,but would say the premiere you can see is the whats on page for prem sports.

    premiere does not mean premiere footy ,is name of german service provider.

    that said ,the prem sports channels do show some premiere footy.

    it is encrypted package.

    also showing and encrypted are polsat package Hotbird

    and Digi TV package 1 deg west.

    to recieve any of these you require a cam or patched reciever or official card.

    if you are able to recieve 28 deg east, there are occasional footy on the bbc and itv channels FTA.
    but cant say if they are premiere league.

    you will find v.difficult if not impossible to find prem footy FTA


    welcome to,

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