EU exam for Google-Yahoo plan

Google and Yahoo are looking to set up an online advertising deal. The scheme was announced in June and the US Department of Justice last week started its study into the monopoly impact of the plan. Now Europe is to carry out its own detailed investigation.

In fact the EU started a preliminary examination earlier in the summer, but this will now morph into a full-scale investigation, according to the EUís competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes.

This news is something of a surprise given that the Google-Yahoo plan only covers the US and Canadian markets. Inevitably this means that the scheme might well end up being bogged down with legal investigations for many months to come.

And Google, increasingly dominating the online world, is taking a very belligerent approach, saying publicly it will implement its plan this October and ignore the ongoing DoJ investigation. If this is its view of the DoJ then one can only imagine how seriously Ė not Ė it is taking any action from Brussels.