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Thread: Echostar DSB-808 2ci

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    Echostar DSB-808 2ci

    Hi All

    I have just been given an Echostar 808 Receiver

    I have downloaded the manual

    I would like to know how to progran it

    Can someone please tell me if I can use a cam or a card or both to update it

    I am looking for TPS on hotbird if this is possible



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    Re: Echostar DSB-808 2ci

    Tps not possible with this receiver

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    Re: Echostar DSB-808 2ci

    I thank you for your reply

    Can you please tell me if anything is possible with this receiver

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    Re: Echostar DSB-808 2ci

    Is there anything possible to do with this receiver, any patch or something?

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