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Thread: How to do MOSC 7.1 on 7.0b

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    Question How to do MOSC 7.1 on 7.0b

    I greet all i have a problem with MOSC it wants transmit 7.1 on 7.0b did anybody make it already ? i know that it is possible to make it, but I not as I fail it if I can ask assistance ? thx

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    Wink Re: How to do MOSC 7.1 on 7.0b

    How is Your MOSC now? To do?

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    Re: How to do MOSC 7.1 on 7.0b

    They propably have different card like old cyfra+ card which was 7.0b and7.0a.
    Whe can foun many files for 7.1b,but Iam almost sure there is not possible put them on to 7.0b-different structure on card.But mayby Iam wrong

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    Re: How to do MOSC 7.1 on 7.0b

    7.1b cards are still in use in canalsat packcage on astra which is coded in seca2 encryption,there are file on polish sat forums which are working on these old 7.0b cyfra+card with special eeprom called TWISTER,and with computer with sbcl on board+null modem cable made canalsat clear on receivers.
    Dont know details,couse Iam not interesting

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