France 24 heads roll

france24.jpgFrance 24 has announced that chief editor Grégoire Deniau and editor-in-chief Bertrand Coq have been dismissed, with immediate effect.

Chief Operating Officer and head of programmes Gérard Saint-Paul has replaced Grégoire Deniau.

Not convinced by the reasons given for those two dismissals, professional faults officially, France 24 teams fear a takeover of the direction over the editorial staff after the recent arrival of Christine Ockrent as General Director of holding company France Monde.

Ockrent is also the wife of French Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner. Bertrand Coq, the co-author of the book The Tribulations of Bernard K. in Yugoslavia, was widely thought not very appreciated by Mr Kouchner. The Minister had also complained to the channel after the broadcast of a portrait of himself he had not liked.