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Thread: Adding or delete satellites to openbox 810

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    Adding or delete satellites to openbox 810

    Hi .

    I am Fabian From Argentina

    How i can add new satellite to openbox ? i tried in many ways and is not posible.

    there is some sort of software to do?

    by the way ,openbox 810 support nagra 2 encription ? Here is amazonas satellite from telefonica uses n2 and openbox only do n1.

    Some upgrade to do nagra 2 ?

    thanks you!

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    Re: Openbox Firmwares

    merhaba arkadaşım bir sorum var.
    openbox için ilgili yazılım-800 olduğunu.
    Sadece diğer yazılım modelleri bakın.

    translated with google translate so if not correct kill google not me ;)

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