Content deals tricky for Korean IPTV

Rose Major, on 21-09-2008

Securing channels to offer subscribers is proving to be tricky for Korea’s IPTV platforms, even though the way is now clear for three on-demand operators to offer real-time broadcasting.

The cash is available – KT for instance is planning to invest Won1.7 trillion (US$1.5 billion) over the next few years on its platform. But The Korea Herald reports that operators’ talks with broadcasters on content supply “have been deadlocked”.

That could push KT’s official IPTV launch date back from October to November, a situation KT hopes could be avoided if the government helps mediate.

KT’s trial, which Rapid TV News has reported on previously, has started to around 200 homes. The company hopes to reach break even for its IPTV service in 2011, with revenues reaching around Won900 billion by 2012.