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Thread: Share Sky Uk

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    Share Sky Uk

    I'm fed up with freezes on sky uk so I'm getting an official card,

    I will share the card with maximum 8 people to avoid problems and no freezes if dos people are prepared to help me with the cost let's say 10 euros a month as you can see it is not for profit but to make it more affordable for the 8 people sharing if you'r interested pm.


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    Re: Share Sky Uk

    why you need a card...................

    there are 100 more channels free here.
    present from the uk who have to pay large sums of money for llicence fee.

    and even more for sly.

    if you get card and want sport films you still have to pay again m8.

    england matches on setanta now extra charge

    movies ppv.

    thats why we brit do the pirate thing.

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    Re: Share Sky Uk

    ps if your freezing,you just need bigger dish m8

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    Re: Share Sky Uk

    What happens is that I like the high definition and my son likes the football so I paid for a server for 6 month but at weekends it's nearly impossible to watch because of the high volume of traffic in the server.

    So what I'm thinking is join with 7 or 8 people and share the cost wich would be the same I'm paying now for a bad service.

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