Pre-pay DTH for Poland

Poland’s DTH market is about to be shaken up by a new pre-paid service.

From October 3, Cyfrowy Dom, a company owned by ITI Neovision, the majority shareholder in the DTH platform n, will start offering viewers Telewizja na karte – TNK (‘TV on card’).

It will allow them to watch over a dozen channels, five of which (TVP1, TVP2, TVN, TN7 and will be free of charge. The other channels will include TVN24, nSport and Disney Channel.

To receive TNK, viewers will be required to buy a decoder using Conax CA for around PLN200 (€60.4), along with a card costing PLN49 for the three months. After this, they will be able to top up the card for PLN16 a month or PLN120 a year.

TVK will be targeting the lower end of the Polish pay-TV market, especially those subscribing to the basic Cyfrowy Polsat service, and aims to have 50,000 clients by the end of this year.