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Thread: Please i'm desparate

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    Please i'm desparate

    I have a new starsat receiver SR-X95 USB, i'm new with starsat, can anyone help PLEASE and tell what kind of keys do i need for tps chanels...thanx for answering

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    Re: Please i'm desparate

    hi,i dont know about keys..
    but you can upgrade to a new firmware with the new key already installed in..
    what you need :
    1.pc with a serial port .
    2.a serial cable .you can get it from pc hardware store.
    3.the new can get it here in star sat firmware section .or go to starsat website .i did not put any link because i dont know if its agaist the rules...
    4.connect your reciever to pc through the serial cable.. the folder where you downloaded the new firmware, there should be an upgrade tool and a .bin file which is the firmware ..
    6.turn off your reciever from the botton located in the back .
    7. double click the update tool then locate the firmware then click uprade .
    8.when you click upgrade turn on your reciever then it will begin updating .
    9.when it finish and your reciever display the word end at the front pannel turn the reciever off then back on and thats of luck i hope this helps..

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