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The Addams Family (PG) 1991 Black comedy based on the Sixties TV series. Morticia and Gomez, the creepy couple who treat life as one long scream, find their unconventional life threatened by an imposter claiming to be long-lost Uncle Fester but although they welcome him with open arms, they soon become suspicious. Starring Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci, Jimmy Workman and Carel Struycken

Highly Dangerous (U) 1950 An entomologist is recruited by British intelligence for an undercover mission behind the Iron Curtain. A plan is underway to use insects in biological warfare, and the scientist must obtain specimens of the bugs with a little help from a tough American reporter. Engaging comedy thriller, starring Margaret Lockwood, Dane Clark, Marius Goring and Wilfrid Hyde White (888)

The Hot Rock (U) 1972 Robert Redford and George Segal play bungling brothers-in-law hired by an African ambassador to steal a priceless diamond from the Brooklyn Museum so it can be returned to its country of origin. However, no sooner do they have the gem than they manage to lose it, and face a race against time to retrieve it. Hugely enjoyable crime caper based on the novel by Donald Westlake, also starring Ron Leibman, Zero Mostel, Paul Sand and Moses Gunn

Unconditional Love (15) 2002 Middle-aged American woman Kathy Bates is shocked when her husband (Dan Aykroyd) unexpectedly leaves her. In a bid to cheer herself up she plans to attend a concert by her favourite singer only for the star to be murdered before the show takes place. With nothing left to lose, she flies to Wales to attend the funeral, and quickly forms an unlikely friendship with her late hero's gay lover. Comedy drama, co-written and directed by PJ Hogan, with Rupert Everett and Meredith Eaton

The Wedding Date (12) 2005 A single woman is horrified by the thought of attending her sister's wedding alone, a task made all the more daunting by the presence of her ex. Taking the bull by the horns, she hires a gigolo for the occasion but her decision has unexpected results. Romantic comedy, starring Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Dermot Mulroney and Sarah Parish (888)

Scream 2 (18) 1997 Writer Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven re-teamed for this sequel to witty horror Scream. Another serial killer adopts the ghost mask and embarks on a campaign of murder, while survivors of the first film Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette attempt to get to the bottom of the terrifying mystery. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jamie Kennedy are among the potential victims (888)

The Edukators (15) 2004 Anti-capitalist protesters Daniel Bruhl and Stipe Erceg come up with a novel way to spread their message by breaking into the homes of wealthy locals and rearranging their furniture. When Erceg's girlfriend (Julie Jentsch) is involved in a car accident, the trio decide to target the wealthy driver involved but their peaceful campaign turns more sinister when the intended victim is waiting for them. Hans Weingartner's witty political drama, also starring Burghart Klaussner

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