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Mighty Joe Young (PG) 1998 A gentle giant gorilla is moved from his jungle home to Los Angeles, where he escapes from a wildlife reserve and runs amok in the city, leaving a group of concerned human pals facing a race against time to save him from harm. Adventure which is good fun for all the family, starring Bill Paxton, Charlize Theron, Rade Sherbedgia and Regina King

Dunston Checks In (PG) 1996 Jason Alexander stars in this riotous family comedy as Robert Grant, the manager of a luxurious New York hotel who is eager to spend some quality time with his two young sons. When Robert's boss discovers her establishment is being considered for a six-star rating, and an undercover inspection is imminent, the ruthless proprietor orders him to ensure things run smoothly. The arrival of new guest Lord Rutledge (Rupert Everett) leads Robert to mistakenly assume he is there to assess the facility. What he doesn't realise is that the snooty English peer is actually a skilled jewel thief who has brought along an orang-utan to be his partner in crime, and the discovery of the mischievous primate by Robert's children turns the respected hotel into a three-ring circus. Faye Dunaway, Eric Lloyd and Paul Reubens co-star (888)

Joe Wright on David Lean The director of Atonement discusses the influence the legendary film-maker has had on his work

Monkey Business (U) 1952 Bumbling scientist Cary Grant develops a serum to halt the aging process, but a mischievous monkey pours it into the water system and he reverts to childhood, along with his wife, boss and secretary. Screwball comedy, also starring Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn and Marilyn Monroe

Congo (12) 1995 An expedition sent into the jungles of Zaire in search of King Solomon's diamond mines disappears without trace. The tycoon behind the mission sends his assistant, a former CIA agent, to discover what became of them. Travelling with a group of explorers, she discovers the previous party have met with a grisly fate at the hands of a horde of intelligent bloodthirsty apes. Thriller, starring Dylan Walsh, Laura Linney and Tim Curry (888)

Clear and Present Danger (12) 1994 Harrison Ford reprises his role from Patriot Games as CIA analyst Jack Ryan, this time getting involved in the Colombian drugs trade while trying to track down terrorists responsible for murdering a prominent senator but his investigations lead him to illegal actions at the very top of government. Action-packed thriller, also starring Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer and James Earl Jones (888)

Kagemusha: The Director's Cut (PG) 1980 After being sentenced to death, a thief is given the chance to win his freedom by posing as the dead leader of a vengeful clan to whom he bears a striking resemblance. Extended version of acclaimed film-maker Akira Kurosawa's historical drama set in the 16th Century. With Tatsuya Nakadai, Tsutomu Yamazaki and Kenichi Hagiwara

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