Towercom contracts second Astra transponder

The Slovakian telecommunications and TV operator Towercom has contracted a further transponder at the Astra orbital position 23.5 degrees East. Towercom, until recently known as TRI R, owns and operates the Skylink TV platform in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will use the additional capacity for different local channels for DTH reception including HD.

“The Central and Eastern European markets continue to show strong demand and a dynamic development,” says Alexander Oudendijk, Chief Commercial Officer of SES Astra. “Our 23.5 degrees East orbital position is benefiting from that and is increasingly developing into a top slot for broadcasters in this region. The new contract with Towercom, one of the most innovative Slovakian telecommunications and television companies, is further evidence of that.”

Roman Fischer, CEO of Towercom, said Skylink would be combining its package at 23.5 degrees East with the free-to-air international channels on the neighbouring 19 degrees East satellite slot through the use of dual feed antennas.