lets viewers find web videos said it launched “the web’s first free service for discovering and subscribing to video feeds” calling itself a video feed “aggregator”, helping users stay up-to-date with the new videos that are released each day by thousands of web sites. features an interface for users to find, subscribe to, and watch web video feeds. Tghe website includes a searchable index of video feeds, a personal feed subscription interface and an integrated video player. The Channels video feed index contains thousands of video feeds with news, sports, music, TV shows, movies, and other video clips. is a free service, but users need to register.

“We developed believing that web users needed a simple tool to stay on top of daily video releases from the growing number of web video sites.” said Sean Doherty,’s CEO in a statement. “Video publishers are now pushing out thousands of new videos each day through RSS feeds. Our servers monitor theses feeds 24/7 to provide automatic updates to each user’s selection of feed subscriptions.” is based in Palo Alto, California and is privately funded.