Airplus angry at DTT decision

Portuguese digital-terrestrial hopeful Airplus TV CEO Michael Werner said a decision to award the country’s pay-DTT licence to PT for a second time is "unacceptable as the jury insists on an evaluation out of reality and very subjective at the same time".

Portugal's comission in charge of licensing future Portugal's DTT has chosen for second time Portugal's main telco Portugal Telecom (PT) as a favourite option for pay DTT. The first time this decision was made it was reported to the tribunals by Airplus TV, which is a Swedish telco.

Werner said after knowing this decision he is "very angry". Airplus TV Portugal's CEO Luis Nazaré stated the method used for the comission "violates CE's norms for the public callings of this type". and at the same time he critiziced "the subjectiviness of the classifications".

But Airplus TV was still willing to continue with the judicial process for a "fair evaluation of the pay DTT licences", the executives said.

Portugal's pay-DTT will have to begin in 2010 as expected.

Formerly Portugal's monopoly, Portugal Telecom in which Spain's main telco Telefónica has a stake of 9.96%, is still the dominant telco in Portugal both in traditional and in mobile telephony.

PT was forced to get rid of its pay TV business, TV Cabo, due to anti-competition laws in this country. It does, however, also operate Meo TV as a satellite and IPTV platform. That business last week reported subscribers of over 200,000, 5.4% of Portugal’s pay-TV market, having grown by 83,000 last quarter.