Film Four 29-09-08.

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1.00pm Gift Horse
1952 Seafaring adventure, which sees Navy captain Trevor Howard reluctantly taking charge of an old US destroyer during World War Two. His attempts to take command of the vessel and her crew prove problematic when hostility erupts, though the prospect of facing the mighty German force brings much-needed unity. Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee, Sonny Tufts and James Donald also number among the cast

3.00pm The Guinea Pig
1948 Working-class pupil Richard Attenborough is sent to public school as part of an educational experiment, and horrifies the establishment with his uncouth behaviour and bad manners. This Boulting brothers drama sent shockwaves rippling through society on its release thanks to the inclusion of what was then considered bad language, although now few would bat an eyelid at the words in question. Cecil Trouncer, Bernard Miles and Sheila Sim co-star

4.55pm The Way Ahead
1944 A group of slipshod British Army recruits face a testing time as they undergo a tough training regimen aimed at whipping them into shape to fight in World War Two. Stirring documentary-style drama originally intended as a training film. David Niven, Stanley Holloway, Raymond Huntley, William Hartnell, John Laurie and James Donald star. Peter Ustinov co-wrote the script, which was adapted from a tale by Eric Ambler

7.10pm Knights of the South Bronx
2005 Premiere. An unemployed man gets a new lease of life teaching at an inner city school, where he wins over his initially cynical pupils by introducing them to the finer points of chess. Fact-based drama, starring Ted Danson and Malcolm David Kelley

9.00pm Walk the Line
2005 Biopic of country singer Johnny Cash, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the man in black. Traumatised by the death of his brother as a child, the singer goes from the air force to touring the US alongside Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. But with fame and fortune comes a descent into drink and drugs. Reese Witherspoon gives an Oscar-winning performance as Cash's future wife June Carter, seemingly the only thing between him and self-destruction

11.35pm Invasion of the Body Snatchers
1956 A small Californian town is infiltrated by sinister alien vegetable pods from outer space, which replicate the residents, replacing the originals with soulless imitations. Luckily, a local doctor realises something bizarre is going on, and sets out to investigate but his chances of stopping the extraterrestrial invaders seem slim. Don Siegel's excellent, classic sci-fi chiller with a nerve-jangling build-up of tension, starring Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter and Carolyn Jones

1.15am The Way Home
2002 A youngster is horrified at being sent to live with his mute grandmother in a remote area of South Korea, and it's not long before the solitude proves too much for him but as time passes, his anger begins to ebb away, leading him to form a strong bond with the old lady. Celebrated drama, starring Eul-boon Kim, Seung-ho Yu and Hyo-hee Dong

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