C-Span available globally

C-Span, which superbly covers the US political scene, is now available outside the USA to users with a broadband connection. C-Span’s timing could not be better, given the upcoming US presidential elections.

C-Span has done a deal with Livestation, which is taking C-Span on as one of its core news “partner channels” (alongside al-Jazeera, Bloomberg, Euronews, Deutsche Welle and the BBC). Viewers will need a broadband connection, and to download the livestation.com player.

"C-SPAN is pleased to announce its partnership with Livestation to make the network's telecasts available outside the United States. With so much interest in this year's election, both in America and abroad, our partnership with Livestation allows the network to expand its mission of educating the public on the American political process. International viewers will now have the opportunity to watch the American democratic process unfold, uninterrupted and unfiltered, allowing viewers to form their own opinions on the issues being debated in the United States,” said C-Span’s president Rob Kennedy.

Matteo Berlucchi, Livestation CEO said: "I think with the US elections coming up, C-SPAN coverage is going to prove hugely popular with our audience, who we know like to have access to multiple global perspectives. We are looking forward to analysing the viewer statistics for the C-SPAN channel and helping them to understand their audience even better."