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Thread: help plz

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    help plz

    hello .. i m new into this . i just buy the reciver and download the ali mini software . i connect my reciver with pc and i saw the signal light is blinking but after that what i hav to do please tell me

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    Re: help plz

    see this >>>>>>
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    Re: help plz

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: help plz

    thank you so much .. can you also tell me when i will do this then how can i able to see the channels like do i have to setting from my reciver as well ? if yes thn what settings are requried ?

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    Re: help plz

    you can see only the channels mentioned as open with the usage of the attached firm .

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    help plz

    help me plz i want the new firmware for starsat sr x 50 cu usb

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