Hi, Iím a newbie and have a few questions regarding Cline and Flineís commands,
only had my dream box a couple of days and new to the scene so please bare with me, my box is fully setup and networked on hotbird using Cccam and Iíve been sent a test line which works perfectly! I just have a few questions which I hope someone can spare the time to answer them for me.

My first question is regarding <shareemus> command, I read on another forum that:- ďThis option is very useful when there are many groups in the network .In this case, instead of updating the Softcam.key file of each client, it will be enough to update the server onlyĒ <<< after reading that I still donít understand the relevance of the command and need it explaining a little further, Iím also not sure what purpose the Softcam.Key file has, I know its located on my box in var/keys amongst other files but again I still donít understand its importance when it comes to card sharing, you see Iím going to be sharing a card soon and need to know if I set this command to 1 or 0 and what difference it makes.

Ok next questionÖ

<allowemm> again I readÖ ďenables the remote EMM autoupdate feature. If it is set to 1, then the user will have access to EMM on the local card, else, if set to 0, the client will not have access. Again Iím unclear on what this command actually does and what effects will it have on my clients if I set it to 1 or 0, can someone explain?

Many thanks