I have starsat AG-5200d Super receiver which has ali 3329C chip and for last one month i was enjoying Nilesat channels by upgrading its software. Everything was working fine.

But now since last couple of updates i am unable to watch scrambled channels. I have loaded todays .bin file (03 oct 2008) but it is not working. I tried to load old bin files also but nothing came out of it.

Connection between pc and receiver is OK. Upgrading process is OK. It also shows successful upgrade still i am unable to watch the scrambled channels. Please HELP me to rectify the problem.

I also heard that Nilesat scrambled channels are down. May i know since when the ART and show time is down and when i will be on air. Do you have any idea?

By the way what are the reasons that make ART and show time down? I want to have scramled channles in nilesat like indian movie channels also including ART. Please guide me.

Waiting to hear from you soon.