Digital TV via satellite grows in Germany

The demand for digital television via satellite continues to grow in Germany: 61% of digital set-top-boxes sold by retailers between January and July 2008 were satellite receivers, Astra Deutschland announced in Munich, citing the latest figures from market research company GfK.

The share of DTT boxes was 32% and cable receivers eight per cent. In total, in the first seven months of the year 1.2 million digital satellite receivers were sold, 620,000 DTT boxes and 153,000 digital cable receivers.

There was strong demand for models containing a common interface (CI) slot through which they can be upgraded for pay-TV reception. In total, during the seven month period almost 355,000 CI boxes were sold. During the same period a year ago, the figure was 342,000 boxes. Amongst digital satellite receivers, the share of CI models amounts to 30% (2007: 29%).

There is also growing interest in HDTV. Between January and July 101,917 HDTV satellite receivers were sold an increase of 131% compared with the same period in 2007. Their share amongst the total sales number of digital satellite receivers now stands at 8.5%. For cable reception, 29,063 HDTV boxes were sold.