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Blanche Fury (U) 1948 A penniless governess is invited to stay at a wealthy relative's estate, where she attracts the attention of the philandering groom who just happens to be the late owner's illegitimate son. Mesmerising melodrama, starring Valerie Hobson, Michael Gough, Stewart Granger and Walter Fitzgerald (888)

The Return of Frank James (U) 1940 Former outlaw Frank James, now a reformed character struggling to stay on the right side of the law, sets out to exact a suitable revenge on his brother's killers. Fritz Lang's Western sequel stars Henry Fonda, reprising his role from 1939 movie Jesse James, alongside Gene Tierney, Jackie Cooper, Henry Hull and John Carradine (888)

The Lady in Question (PG) 1940 Comedy drama, starring Rita Hayworth as the defendant in a murder trial. After she is acquitted, one of the jurors realises she has nowhere to live, and invites her into his home. However, his son falls head over heels for the new arrival, and turns to crime in a bid to fund their elopement. Also starring Glenn Ford and Brian Aherne

I Am Sam (12) 2001 A father with learning disabilities is faced with losing custody of his beloved daughter as her intelligence begins to outstrip his. But he won't give her up without a fight, prompting him to begin a battle to make the authorities see the error of their ways with help from a high-powered lawyer. Emotional drama, starring Sean Penn who picked up an Oscar nomination for his performance Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianne Wiest and Dakota Fanning (888)

Bring It On (12) 2000 A successful high-school cheerleading team are shocked to learn their popular routines were stolen from an inner-city rival by their ambitious former captain. With their pride at stake the squad have to go all-out to impress at the forthcoming championships with a few moves of their own. Comedy, starring Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford and Gabrielle Union (888)

Jennifer Eight (15) 1992 Burnt-out cop Andy Garcia investigates a series of gruesome murders in small-town California, and finds himself attracted to a mysterious blind woman who seems to hold the key to the case. Psychological thriller, with Uma Thurman, Kathy Baker, John Malkovich and Lance Henriksen

Carla's Song (15) 1996 Bus driver Robert Carlyle leaves his native Glasgow and accompanies a refugee back to Nicaragua to help her track down a former lover but once there, he witnesses a bloody guerrilla war and learns more about the pains of life than he could ever have imagined. Romantic drama, also starring Oyanka Cabezas and Scott Glenn

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