PredMaker Version 2.0
This program auto update your preda(tor/saur) firmware
for Cam Dragon, T-Rex and T-Rex Super Module.

In some cases it is necessary to copy the libmySQL.dll in C:\WINDOWS\system32

1) Select the desired language. (*)
2) Select any additional caid for the correct operation of the subscription card. (*)
3) Select the file. Dra you want to upgrade.
4) Click on the button corresponding to your system and wait for the end of processing.
5) Check the log file for transactions conducted by the tool.
6) Upload files dra on cam through CAS or loader card.

* This information will be recorded for subsequent use of the tool.
** The firmware will be recorded only caid really necessary for the operation of the keys extracted, as well as those specially selected.
So if you do not have any subscription card do not need to select any additional caid.
The program will tell if the number of caid exceeds 16, a higher number must be managed from your receiver.
What's news in 2.0 version?
Resolved Conax Problem.
Added some satellites in Motor softcam.
Changed Motor satellite range. Now from 45.0E to 45.0W
New Team.
Grantor Sat-Tech Team